"Introducing Browguard"
"patent pending" and Made in the U.S.A.
The best scope accessory EVER!!!

Just $29.95

So you bought that new scope and the first time you used it, you looked like you just went a couple rounds with Mike Tyson! Well stop flinching and start hitting your target...

Strap on a "Browguard" and you can forget about scope cuts and concentrate on your shot!!!

"Browguard" is 100% American, hand-made, high tech closed-cell foam, leather encased protection for shooters using a rifle scope. The "Browguard" is designed to be worn over the eyebrows for total protection.


Browguard WILL make you a better shooter, because if protection is available you won't flinch in anticipation of the shot or being scope cut. Order the Browguard and relax, do your hunting and bench rest shooting in safety!

Browguard is a great gift for experienced shooters or brand new shooters from spouses, parents or grandparents.

The Browguard is a patent pending 100% AMERICAN MADE product.

just $29.95

What is a scope cut / scope eye? The picture below shows a small one and there are comments below by couple of unfortunate receipents...

This picture illustrates what is called 'scope eye'. I've shot this rifle many times, and with heavy bullets. The classic way you get scope eye is to 'crowd' the scope with your eye, which I was not doing. But the forward inclination of my head put my eyebrow too close to the scope. Play with fire too often, and eventually you get burned. I had forgotten how badly facial wounds (particularly on thin skin over bone) bleed. Matter of fact, I'm still oozing, almost dripping blood 2 hours after the fact. I'll almost certainly have a black eye tomorrow. My head is still ringing from the impact.


and a woman wrote:

I went deer hunting and shot a doe, which is great; however I got a scope cut between my eyes about 1/2 an inch long. I know this wouldn't bother most guys, but I am a girl and I am worried about scarring.


Just $29.95

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